Mykonos Travel Guide

Mykonos Travel Guide

During our recent Greece trip, we also spent 4 days in Mykonos before stopping by Santorini (be sure to check out the Santorini travel guide here).   

Downtown Mykonos (taken from windmills) 

Downtown Mykonos (taken from windmills) 

Mykonos is a more lively island, whereas Santorini was relaxing and quiet. For those looking to party until the sun comes up, Mykonos is a great place for that (let’s be real though, we never stayed out that late). My younger self would have loved Mykonos, although, I was a bit shocked that at 11pm it was still pretty quiet in many of the bars/clubs. So, I guess the party starts much later on the island.

Getting to Mykonos/Getting around in Mykonos

We flew into Mykonos from Athens; a quick 40 minute flight and we arrived. Our hotel arranged a transfer for us and within 10 min we were at our hotel. There are only 30 taxis on the entire island, so if you can pre-arrange pick up, that would be best.  

Since taxis are limited on the island, there are private transfers that can be arranged. However, it is much less costly to rent a scooter/ATV for your trip and allows more flexibility.

  • TIP: Rent a scooter or ATV your entire trip. We ended up renting a scooter for a day to explore the northern part of the island. However, we loved the flexibility of the scooter so much that we ended up extending it for another day.  

Swimsuit: Ted Baker 

Swimsuit: Ted Baker 


We stayed at the Myconian Korali Relais & Chateaux. There are 2 other sister properties within walking distances; Myconian Kyma and Myconian Naia. We had access to all three pool areas & restaurants. Each hotel has a different color/ambience and it was nice having the option for multiple pools/restaurants.

We were upgraded to a deluxe suite with a stunning view of the ocean. The hotel also gifted us a spa package that included swimming in 5 different mineral pools for 50 min (each pool was infused with different oils/minerals; lavender, aloe vera, sea water, hydromassage), followed by a couples body treatment. They brought us a box of chocolates and bottle of local wine as well. =

The hotel’s gym was under renovation during our stay, so the hotel arranged a shuttle to their sister property Myconian Ambassador to use that gym. The gym was pretty well equipped and we took advantage of this service almost everyday!  

Overall, the service was amazing and this is truly a luxury hotel. I would highly recommend staying here!   

Romper: Forever21 // Purse: Forever 21 // Sandals: Gap 

Romper: Forever21 // Purse: Forever 21 // Sandals: Gap 

Mykonos Highlights

Downtown Mykonos was a 10 min walk from our hotel, so most of our evenings were spent downtown. We visited the windmills right before sunset and it was a beautiful sight to see. We walked around Little Venice and got lost in the little blue alleyways. There are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars to choose from.

Pants: Macys // Bikini Top: older one linked similar  here  //  Hat : Nordstrom Rack //  Sunglasses : Kate Spade 

Pants: Macys // Bikini Top: older one linked similar here // Hat: Nordstrom Rack // Sunglasses: Kate Spade 

Shorts: Lululemon// Hat: Ben Sherman// Backpack: Peak Design // Sunglasses: Maui Jim 

Shorts: Lululemon// Hat: Ben Sherman// Backpack: Peak Design // Sunglasses: Maui Jim 

Mykonos has many white sand beaches (unlike Santorini which has rocky beaches). There are a few famous beach clubs; Nammos, Scorpios, Paradise Beach. I originally planned to go to Nammos Beach during our stay, however, beach chairs + umbrella were 120 euros, while other nearby beaches (Platis Gialos/Ornos) had beach chairs + umbrellas for 20 euros. If you are looking for a party scene at the beach, we heard the beach clubs are great for that. We opted to visit a few of the other beaches instead.

We visited a few beaches during our stay.

  • Platis Gialos was a beautiful and had many restaurants right on the beach. We grabbed lunch at Avli Tou Thodori and then enjoyed a nice swim. It was a bit windy this day so the waves were really high!

Platis Gialos

Platis Gialos

  • We also spent some time at Ornos beach. This a much bigger beach than Platis Gialos and also has a few restaurants right on the water. We were drawn to Kuzina as it had music playing and multiple options for beach chairs to rent (loungers, couches, etc.)
  • My favorite beach of all the ones we visited was Agios Sostis Beach. We came across this beach during our visit to Kiki’s Tavern for lunch. It is not a commercial beach, so no beach chairs, but it almost felt like a private beach.  

    • TIP: While it’s nice to have the beach chairs and drink service, be sure to check out the smaller beaches on the island to get a taste of a truly private beach experience. It is so beautiful and peaceful!
    Agios Sostis Beach

    Agios Sostis Beach


    • Kiki’s Tavern: This a gem on the northern part of the island near Agios Sostis Beach. It is a little restaurant with no electricity. Upon arrival, notify the manager that you would like to wait to be seated. He keeps track of the wait through memory, so do not be alarmed if you do not see a wait list. Given the wait is often between 1.5 - 2 hours, it is very common for folks to line up at 11:30-12 pm before the restaurant opens at 12:30pm. We arrived about 2pm and waited 2 hours before we were seated. While you wait, the manager will offer you water and boxed wine. This restaurant is worth the hype! B had the pork chops which comes with a side of potato and I had the sea bass. There is a huge salad bar with lots of different salads to compliment your meal as well. This day turned out to be a highlight for us.

      • TIP: While you wait, take turns going to the beach which is located down the hill. Also, mingle with those around you while you wait! We met some amazing people during our long wait and it makes the time go by faster. Just make sure you have one person present near the restaurant to avoid losing your place in line.

    • Avra's Garden: This restaurant is tucked away in downtown Mykonos. It has a very charming garden feel and delicious home cooked food. We had the greek salad, moussaka (best one during our time in Greece), and chicken souvlaki. Everything was very delicious. This restaurant can get quite busy so make a reservation!
    Avra's Garden Restaurant 

    Avra's Garden Restaurant 

    • Kounelas Fish Tavern: This cute little fish tavern in little Venice is famous for its seafood platter that comes with a sea bream, shrimp, calamari, and octopus for two alongside rice & vegetables. The restaurant has a large seafood menu and you can pick out the fish downstairs before they cook it for you.

    Seafood platter for 2 included sea bream, shrimp, grilled octopus, grilled shrimp.

    Seafood platter for 2 included sea bream, shrimp, grilled octopus, grilled shrimp.


    Overall Rating of the Island  

    Mary’s Rating

    • Scenery: 8.5

      • I loved Mykonos white sand beaches & charming downtown area.  

    • Food: 8

      • Kiki’s Tavern is definitely responsible for this high rating, such great local food without an outrageous price tag. Avra’s Garden downtown also had great traditional greek food.  

    • Culture/People: 8

      • There are definitely still quite a bit of tourists on the island but unlike Santorini we did meet more non-Americans.

    • Value: 8

      • Overall, Mykonos is definitely not a cheap island but there are options for more reasonable prices and some local gems that offer variety depending on what you're looking for.

    • Overall: 8.1/10

      • This is a beautiful island filled with many beaches and packed with lots of restaurants, bars, and shops. I personally loved the flexibility to visit more of the secluded and less commercial parts of the island (i.e. Kiki’s and Agios Beach). It is nice to have the options of beach clubs and more organized beaches as well.  

    Brandon’s Rating

    • Scenery: 7.5

      • The scenery was nice, but it didn’t strike me as anything special. The journey on the scooter to Kiki’s Tavern was the highlight for me.

    • Food: 8.4

      • I would feel confident in saying that Mykonos, on average, had the best food. I can only think of one so-so dish, while all the others were pretty amazing. Kiki’s Tavern was especially good! I would actually rate the food much higher if there was a bit more variety, but all of the menus felt very similar.

    • Culture/People: 8

      • As you would assume, Mykonos was riddled with tourists. However, it maintained a much more “local” vibe than I expected. Whether you want to party or simply relax, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Regarding culture, it’s no Athens, but it far exceeded any expectation for a party island.

    • Value: 7.2

      • I would honestly rate Mykonos as the most worthwhile part of our trip. However, this doesn’t make it a bargain value at all. It was undoubtedly an expensive place, but I didn’t mind it as much as I did with Santorini.

    • Overall: 7.8/10

      • As aforementioned, I think Mykonos was one of the more worthwhile parts of our vacation. It offered a little bit of adventure, a little scenery, some great food, and great people. All in all, I think it was a well rounded place, and as long as you have the money to spend, you’ll have a good time there.