My Fitness Routine & Workout Essentials

My Fitness Routine & Workout Essentials
Tights:  Nike   Shoes:  Nike  Sports Bra:  Lululemon  

Tights: Nike  Shoes: Nike Sports Bra: Lululemon 

It's Monday and kicking off this week right with a little workout gear motivation. Working out for me is a necessity. I did grow up playing sports or actively working out at all actually. I did however discover my first runners high about 5 years ago and I was hooked. I started training for half marathons and run upward of 20 miles a week. I did this for about 2 years, but it did started taking a toll on my body. For someone who never worked out regularly and did no strength training, all that milage was starting to hurt my knees.

My husband, boyfriend at the time, recommended I try adding strength training to help strengthen my muscles and support my running. The idea of lifting weights stressed me out. For one, I never lifted before so I had no idea what was the right form and I was very intimidated to walk into the free weights section of my gym. 

Around this time, I had moved out to California and was separated from B so he could not exactly walk me through the free weight section. He suggested I try "crossfit". I was in a new place and did not have much else to do, so I finally decided to show up at the local crossfit gym and check it out. I thought I was intimidated by the free weight section in my gym, this was far more intense to walk into. I just remember such a diverse class in age and gender, yet everyone was holding a barbell and so comfortable in the class. 

I tried one class followed by a week of beginners course and have not stopped since! It has been almost 4 years and everyday is different and pushes me. I just love it. My favorite workouts are the hero ones, workouts dedicated to men/women who have served this country. I love switching up my workout and currently do not crossfit everyday. I add running, spinning, and yoga to keep things exciting. Working out is my "me time" so I usually stay active 5-6 days a week. 

I don't know about you but I love buying new workout clothes to motivate my next workout. Nothing like throwing on a cute pair of tights to get me pumped up for my workout. I am sharing a few of my workout favorites including this sports bra, that has the cutest back detail and these colorful tights. Hope that these inspire and motivate you as much as they do for me!