Peplum Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are my favorite thing to wear. They are easy, comfortable (minus the whole go to the bathroom thing), and stylish. It's also a major plus that I only have to pick out ONE item to wear! I am all about the style but easy chic is my jam. Especially since it always feels like I am running late. 

I found the most flattering jumpsuit ever and fell in love with the material. This peplum jumpsuit has the most darling details, the soft peplum and belt, and the material is extremely silky. The soft peplum ruffle is extremely flattering as well. The color of the jumpsuit begged for a bold earring.  My earrings are sold out, however I am sharing a few others that are in stock that would rock with this look as well. Like these tassel earrings - colorful statement earrings are a must have!   

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