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Egypt Trip Recap

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Egypt Trip Recap

I started 2016 off with a bang this year when I spontaneously booked a trip to Egypt departing 3 days later a couple of weeks ago. I had planned to visit later in the year when B could join but given that it was my cousin's wedding, I had re-considered the trip. Everything was working out so smoothly, from taking time off from work, to finding a decently priced flight and of course a very supportive husband. It really felt like I just HAD to take this trip ;) 

I started the trip out in Cairo a day prior to wedding festivities. I failed to mention that I told none of my family I was coming, so first day was action filled with surprised reactions.  It has been almost 6 years since I was able to visit last so it was truly exciting to be back. For the wedding, I wore a belted black mermaid gown that had an embellished flower skirt . This dress is beyond flattering and absolutely stunning for a black tie event. I received many, many compliments. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 5.36.15 PM.png

After the wedding festivities, I headed on a Nile cruise for 4 nights from Luxor to Aswan where I visited the ancient Egyptian temples. We cruised on the Sonesta St. George, the boat and staff were great. We had a tour guide assigned to our group, and it appeared you were split depending by language. Our tour guide stayed with us throughout the 4 days guiding us through each site. Below is an abridged version of the landmarks we visited each day: 

Day 1: Luxor Temple & Karnak Temples in Luxor. We arrived early am & immediately after lunch headed out to both temples. We even stopped by a Papyrus Factory where we saw how they made the papyrus & painted on them. 

Day 2: Valley of the Kings (We saw 3 different king tombs one from the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasty) and the Temple of Hatshepsut. 

Day 3: We visited Horus Temple and a temple shared by two gods Sobek and Haeroris in KomOmbo in the evening. 

Day 4: The last day was jam packed. We visited the High Dam, Friendship Tower, Philae Temple, Botanical Garden, and took a sailboat from Aswan to the Nubian village. Aswan had some of the most gorgeous sunsets and the pano below is from the top of the friendship tower near the high dam. 

The weather on the cruise definitely required layers. It was chilly in the mornings and we always had an early start to the day. By mid-day, it was significantly warmer and the hot weather required much less clothing - often I opted for a tank under all my layers. The hot sun lasted for about 2 hours and the wind would pick up again. By the evenings I had to go back to a lightweight coat & blanket scarf for layering. I relied heavily on my favorite plaid scarf often throughout the trip as you can see from the pics. 

This cruise was one of my favorite trips in Egypt, everything from sightseeing the ancient landmarks to the gorgeous sunsets. I highly recommend you take this trip if your ever visiting! 

Overall, my time in Egypt was action filled and I spent quite a few days recovering back home. I was seriously jet lagged for almost a week. I think the lack of sleep paired with a 20 hour total flight time (I know being on the west coast makes this trip SO far) did not help my immune system, so I needed a few days to recover. Anyone else feel like that after being on airplanes you feel under the weather for a couple of days? I certainly did this time around. I am back home and well rested! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions on my trip - I would love to give you more insight. 

Thanks for reading this very long post :)