Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

The Holidays are my favorite time of the year. This is the first year B and I are finally living in the same city so it was a special Christmas for us. Since we were both away from our families this holiday, it was pretty important for me to incorporate the holiday spirit into our home. We are usually surrounded by family and have plenty of get togethers back home. So this year - we decided to host our first annual ugly sweater holiday party. Can you declare something an annual event if its the first year? :) Not sure if there is like a two year minimum rule before you can be considered annual but hey - I hate rules anyway. 

I created a few easy recipes to transform our home into a holiday party fiesta. There was a cookie decorating table, mini hot chocolate bar, lots of baked goodies including marshmallow pops. 

For the cookie decorating, I set up a table that laid out the cut out sugar cookies along with icing & sprinkles for decorating. I made cut out sugar cookie in a couple of shapes including gingerbread man, stocking, tree, and star shapes. I used cupcake liners to hold each of the different toppings. I placed all the cupcake liners with different toppings on one big tray to minimize the potential mess. 

The mini hot chocolate bar is by far the easiest to put together and such a fancy way to serve a holiday staple. I had the hot chocolate in the crockpot,get the recipe I used below. I had the table set up with variety of toppings for the hot chocolate including chocolate dipped candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and hazelnut wafers. I also included Bailey's for those adults who wanted a little more kick in their hot coco. 


1 14oz. condensed sweetened milk

4 cups of milk (I used 2% organic milk) 

1/4 cup cacao

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1. Whisk the in the cacao and condensed milk in the cold crockpot until cacao is fully mixed in. 

2. Add in the cups of milk & vanilla extract and mix well 

3. Turn the crock pot on high until simmering.

4. Set the crockpot to simmer until ready to be served! 

There were a few baked goods I made but by far my favorite was the marshmallow pops. These are the most adorable and festive looking treats ever but beware it is sugar overload (is there really such a thing during the holidays?). Sharing this easy to follow recipe & photos outlining each step below.   


10 striped straws

12 oz bag of creamy white candy melts 

1 bag of jumbo marshmallows 

Red sugar sprinkles 

1. Melt the candy melts in a bowl - heat about 30 seconds on , stir and reheat until candy is completely melted. 

2. Put the straw through the marshmallow and dip about a quarter inch into the melted chocolate

3. Cover the chocolate into the sugar sprinkles and let cool on parchment paper 


I wore a fun sequined holiday sweater with my comfiest jeans.  I know, I know, its not "ugly" but it was festive enough for me. I've linked a few other holiday sweaters for you including the one I am wearing. Shop these sweaters below! 


Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you are enjoying the holiday with your loved ones!