Stripes & Bows

Stripes & Bows

We recently celebrated both my best friend and my cousin's 30th birthday. It was not a combined celebration but they were on the same day actually and both surprise parties! A by product of having too little time during my NYC visit and too many events to attend). Coincidently, the two co-planners chose a Kate Spade themed party. My BFF celebration was a brunch at Limani and my cousin's celebration was a dinner hosted at my brother's house. This brunch spot is probably one of the fanciest and had a robust food selection. They had lobster and shrimp on ice, eggs made to order, waffles, french toast , pancakes (sides of fresh berries and fresh whip creme to compliment), sushi counter, smoked salmon .... the list goes on. I tried a little bit of most things. I really wanted it all but my tummy couldn't handle it.  Everything I tried to DIE FOR. This is a must visit brunch if your ever in the area.  

With such an adorable theme I obviously made sure my outfit embodied all things Kate Spade;  pink, bows and stripes. I wore a midi black skirt from Forever 21 with a striped pink top that had an adorable bow open back.  I have had this top for a while in my closet. I believe it was from a small local boutique, maybe in NY,  but I honestly do not remember. In any case, I did link a few similar bow tops that would look great with a black midi skirt. You can shop my look from these celebration below! 

I am also sharing a few images from the brunch since the decor was to die for! Her sister did an amazing job selecting the decor- I was in love. The favors were these adorable black champagne bottles and she added a striped ribbon and straw to fit the theme.