Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

It was ALMOST starting to feel like Fall, then womp womp, it appears as if we hit another heat wave in the Bay. It was seriously 90s today - it was cold on Sat morning but well... that was short lived!  

Even though the temps are far from "Fall - like", I wanted to share some of my Fall favorites for those of you that are apple picking and watching the leaves change colors! I am hoping we will get slightly cooler temps again. I mean, Hellooo... I have some cute scarves to wear so get it together Bay Area. 

So what is in my favorites list, there are some plaid scarves and red floppy hat, all under $30! There are two items that I am completely obsessed with right now: first, this pink Ted Baker peplum coat. Is it possible to completely be swooning over a coat? because I am just in love with everything about it! I have to dedicate an entire post to this coat- so stay tuned. Second item, are these black lace up flats- aren't they just adorable? 


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FYI- The Laser Cut Suede Skirt is currently sold out, however you can sign up here for a restock alert!