Making a Pink Statement

Making a Pink Statement

I am so excited to share this post with you all because it contains one of my favorite coats in my closet right now. It is also great timing as Oct is breast cancer awareness month- not like I needed an excuse to wear pink but it feels good to support an important cause as well. 

When I first saw this pink peplum coat I fell in love. Gold buttons on a bright pink coat - its like this coat was made for me! My husband thought so as well (maybe he was just sick of me talking about this coat so much). In any case, he purchased the coat and surprised me one day on his way home from work. I was so happy and excited -I am married to the best man in the world! Not because he splurged on this gorgeous peplum Ted Baker coat for me but because he went out of his way after his long work day (he works really long days) to bring the coat home for me. 

Since I am literally in love this with coat, I will definitely be wearing it tons this season. Thats if it ever stays chill enough for more than one day in the Bay! Today was actually pretty cold, wet, and cloudy in the morning. My new peplum coat also comes in black and a pale pink and both these colors are still in stock! 

I wore my new peplum coat with my distressed boyfriend jeans, black & gold DVF heels, and my gold clutch. I am pretty excited that I found a pair of boyfriend jeans that work with my body type, these are from Macy's and the designer is Suede. I also saw a few of Suede's other soft denim styles that literally feel like heaven - so soft like feather feeling soft! Anyway, I love the distressing on these jeans that I did buy- you will definitely see more of these bad boys.

You might have also noticed I cut my my hair! :) see more here