Fall Style His & Hers

Fall Style His & Hers

Did you know Half Moon Bay, CA is the world Pumpkin capital ? Every year Half Moon Bay hosts a Pumpkin festival and we were lucky enough to catch it this past Sunday. The festival had the world largest pumpkin, lots of art, pumpkin pie (of course) but .... they even had PUMPKIN ICE CREAM!! Now that made it a Pumpkin festival in Californian style, which I 100% approved of :) The ice cream was wonderful; it was more mousse-like than really creamy ice cream. 

I was disappointed to find out that the pumpkin festival did not have a pumpkin patch (does that not just make sense?). Luckily there was a bunch of pumpkin patches on the route to the festival, so we were able to stop by one. I think this might have been my first real pumpkin patch experience. In the city they often had tents that laid out pumpkins to mimic a patch, but it was not like a REAL one. 

A few friends also recommended we check out the Ritz while we were in Half Moon Bay. It is one of the prettiest grounds. It had magnificent views of the ocean and a golf course (if your into that). We grabbed a drink and took in the views. It was a great spontaneous Sunday! 

Since its typically always cooler by the water, I wore my red marled sweater from GAP with my destroyed jeans, cognac booties (Signature Vince from last year) & plaid scarf (best find for under $15). I love the details on these congac booties, they not only have a  gold buckle on the side but also gold spikes on the heel (all gold everything is always my favorite). Since my booties are older and no longer in stock, I did link a few other cognac booties that I am loving right now that are in stock.

B wore his favorite red Brooks Brother's pants with his GAP denim shirt and his Cole Haan drivers. I tried to take some photos of him, to get a more detailed look at his outfit and try out my photography skills, but unfortunately the camera was in manual mode and all my photos were out of focus. Apparently you need to know a few things to handle a camera in manual mode - whoops. I will give this idea another try in the future, hopefully next time I will have more photos to feature of B's outfit for some Men's style inspiration too.