I am loving all the shades of bordeaux that are out for Fall right now. This color just feels Fall like, kind of how pumpkins make you think 'yup Fall is here'. Speaking of pumpkin, there is pumpkin everything right now! Have you seen all the pumpkin items? Like items that should not be pumpkin- pumpkin tortilla chips, pumpkin cider, pumpkin oreos. I mean, I get it we all love a little pumpkin but it feels like I am pumpkin-ed out and its not even Thanksgiving! 

Ok that was a little tangent. Back to my love for Bourdeaux. You all know that I seriously love bodycon dresses, but I especially love this long sleeve bodycon dress in this color. The dress is SO soft and per bodycon dress usual- extremely flattering. I cannot say this enough, but a bodycon dress is probably every girl's best friend. You need to have a few in your closest! Grab this one for Fall, there are a few more colors in this dress too. 

I wore my my plaid scarf and floppy hat, both from this same color palette, with my dress. I am happy I picked up this adorable wool hat to incorporate with my Fall wardrobe this year. What makes plaid scarves so great, besides being all cozy in them, is the multiple ways you could wear them.  You could wrap it around your neck (be sure fluff the scarf up and tuck the ends of the scarf into loop to give infinity scarf look) or wrap it around your shoulder - both looked great with this outfit.