"The Sweet Life" Book Review

I found "The Sweet Life" by Dulce Candy on a recent bookstore trip while I was in search for a book for my upcoming San Diego trip. As a new blogger and a beauty fanatic the book sounded like the perfect light reading to do on the beach. 

Prior to reading this book, I will admit I never followed Dulce Candy's YouTube channel or her website. I did make a point to visit both though after reading her story. They are very useful for makeup tips! She shares some adorable looks and even does share some hairstyles and shopping items as well. Go check her out her channel

Now about the book: I was very intrigued to learn about Dulce's background. The book starts with her sharing details on her younger years and her experience in the military (I loved that she is a veteran). Her revelation on herself and her likes during her time in the military led her to casually start a YouTube channel in 2008. She continues to share how she has grown her brand and her YouTube audience. I loved her transparency and advice on relationships and personal growth.  

This book is great if your looking for some career inspiration, tips on career mistakes & how to learn from them, and personal growth/brand tips! I truly enjoyed reading her story and amazed by her success.