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My "Everyday" Makeup Routine

Mary SpenceComment

I use BareMinerals Original Foundation exclusively for my face because it is the most natural and contains no irritants. I developed acne prone skin during my early adult years and prefer to use mineral only makeup to avoid re-hashing any of that. 

If you are new to BareMinerals, I highly recommend starting with the Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit . Within the kit you will get:  a small primer, full sizes of  foundation, concealer/eye brightener, blush, and 3 brushes (concealer brush, blush brush and an all-over-face brush).  I love that this kit is completely customizable; everything from the face brush selection to the foundation and concealer types! 

My kit contained the following: 

* I highly recommend buying a large size of the Mineral Veil as well. I ran out of the one that comes in the kit pretty quickly and this is not a step you should just skip when applying! Sure, a little bit of the mineral veil goes a long way, but you will definitely run out of this product first from your kit. 

I do not use the kit primer because I have my own Tinted SPF that is silicon base and acts as a primer. I use the TiZO3 Facial Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40. I love that this SPF feels really light on my skin and is tinted. On days when I do not have time to apply makeup (gasp!), I rely heavily on this tinted SPF.

I never really used primer in the past but I cannot stress how important this step is when applying your makeup. Do not skip this step, especially when you are using loose powder foundation. Applying the primer first allows the powder to be applied evenly on your skin.  The primer also acts as a barrier for your skin, allowing any treatment products you may have used first to be protected.  

To apply the tinted SPF, I usually do a couple of dots around my face. Trust me you do not need to apply too much of this. It appears to be pretty thick out of the packaging but its really light on your skin.  

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