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Haircut & Kerastase Products

Mary SpenceComment

SO... I CUT MY HAIR! I was overdue for a trim but instead of just trimming my hair, I went with a shorter asymmetrical bob.  I mean, its just hair right - it will grow back :) I was secretly freaking out on the inside a little bit, especially after the first chop. I definitely have a trustworthy stylist so I was okay most of the time. She is just amazing! If you are in the Bay area go check her out ( Stylist details: Elisa from W's Salon).


Since I am sharing my haircut, I thought I would also share the hair products I use daily.  When I went short, it was pretty important for me to not have to increase my hair routine time and have a haircut that looked great with my naturally curly-wavy-ish hair.  I've used Kerastase curl fever every since I first cut my hair into a lob (long bob).  I cannot recommend this  product enough. The product is lightweight but still controls frizz. 

This time around, I also noticed that my hair was a bit more dry from my last visit.  My stylist recommended I start using a heat protectant prior to my curl fever. I bought the Kerastase nectar thermique to try out in my routine. It seriously smells amazing! 

I use the heat protectant first and then the curl fever. A little of both go a long way, so no need to use too much. I usually let my hair air dry or use a blow dryer to dry it before I use my curling iron.